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This vibrant corner of Madison County has been home to creative lifestyle programs for national & international television networks, media outlets, private studio sessions, slow living retreats and leadership gatherings.   Over a decade and a half of sharing creative stories, creative individuals, creative businesses, creative homes, creative ideas & creative lives gave witness to its transformative power and has shaped the vision of UPLAND.  The Uplands of Life invite us to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to within - purposefully & unhurried.   It’s where creativity & nature are deeply cultivated to maximize human potential.   UPLAND is a LifeStyle venture that is in the business of building each other UP.   We’re curating new, lively relationships with tools,  life-enhancing skills, our physical environments & each other.

UPLAND is Home.

UPLAND is Work.

UPLAND is Play.

UPLAND is a Way of Life - Life Lived out with Joy and  Purpose.

Become part of the UPLAND story through YOUR home, YOUR work and YOUR play.

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